Wednesday, September 21, 2016

So Many Illinois Churches

Arnold T Olson Chapel, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, Illinois
Arnold T. Olson Chapel
Trinity International University,

Calvary Church, Naperville, Illinois
Calvary Church, Naperville

St Malachey Catholic Church, Geneseo, Illinois
Saint Malachey, Geneseo

First Congregational Church, Geneseo, Illinois
First Congregational Church, Geneseo

Concordia Lutheran Church, Geneseo, Illinois
Concordia Lutheran Church, Geneseo

Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Geneseo, Illinois
Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Geneseo

First United Methodist Church, Dixon, Illinois
First United Methodist Church, Dixon

First Christian Church, Dixon, Illinois
First Christian Church, Dixon

First Baptist Church, Dixon, Illinois
First Baptist Church, Dixon

St Luke's Episcopal Church, Dixon, Illinois
Saint Luke's Church, Dixon

Broadway Covenant Church, Rockford, Illinois
Broadway Covenant Church, Rockford

Heartland Church, Rockford, Illinois
Heartland Church, Rockford

Gethsemane Christian Church, Rockford, Illinois
Gethsemane Christian Church, Rockford
church building for sale in Geneseo, Illinois
And an opportunity!
The former First Baptist Church of Geneseo