Where we'd like to go

  • In 2015, we went all over California, a different church each week (sometimes more than one; very occasionally someplace we've been but not written about before). 
    • We have themes planned for each month, but they're flexible (and announced as each month begins) 
    • If you have suggestions, please contact us   deanandmindygotochurch  <at> gmail <dot>  com
  • In 2016, we hope to visit each of the 50 states in the United States, one a week. 
    • We plan to stay for a few days in each place where we'll be attending church so we can get some idea of what that place is like. 
    • In most places, we hope to stay with friends who are connected to the church we'll be attending.
    • We also hope to visit a bar in every state, because churches and bars seem to be the two places where people in a community gather. We'd like to ask what makes a good bar, what makes a good church, and to learn what the answers can tell us. Mindy is as uncomfortable in a bar as it's possible to be, so it might be funny.
  • If you have a suggestion, feel free to contact us! deanandmindygotochurch <at> gmail <dot> com