Monday, September 26, 2016

6 Wild Wisconsin Facts

1. 17% of the state's area is water. Only Alaska, Michigan, and Florida contain more water than Wisconsin.

2. Wisconsin is called the Badger State mostly because early miners, who took shelter in the holes they'd dug, were called "Badgers." That's also a reason the state animal is the badger.

3. Overcharging and deforestation led to a shift towards dairy farming from other agricultural endeavors. The North Country area of the state, which was formerly an industrial area, has become a vacation destination.

4. The state motto is "Forward," and the state song is "On Wisconsin."

5. The state has no official nickname.

Saint Francis Catholic church
6. Settlers from New England established Congregational churches in the state during the mid 1800s, while German, Irish, and Norwegians started Lutheran and Catholic churches.