Wednesday, September 28, 2016

8 Wisconsin Churches You Should See (and one you might not be able to)

Grace Episcopal Church, Madison, Wisconsin
Grace Episcopal Church, Madison

Hope Lutheran Church, Ladysmith, Wisconsin
Hope Lutheran Church, Ladysmith

Holcombe United Methodist Church, Wisconsin
Bell tower for Holcombe United Methodist Church, Holcombe

Entrance to Holcombe United Methodist Church, Wisconsin
And the building

Sovereign Grace Baptist Church, Ladysmith, Wisconsin
Sovereign Grace Baptist Church, Ladysmith

United Church of Christ, Ladysmith, Wisconsin
United Church of Christ, Ladysmith

Ladysmith Baptist church, Wisconsin
Ladysmith Baptist Church

Little Plum Lutheran church, Pepin, Wisconsin
Little Plum Lutheran Church, Pepin

Sabylund Lutheran church, Stockholm, Wisconsin
Sabylund Lutheran Church, Stockholm

Free Lutheran Church
Free Lutheran Church...I hope they're just getting a new sign