Friday, May 13, 2016

Statistics for March and April -- because everybody likes statistics, right?

The second two months: a summary
We've reported on 12 worship services in the past two months and 26 so far this year. In general, here's how the numbers break down for the past two months. Have we forgotten anything?*

Number of songs (by congregation, choir, worship band, or soloist)
Most: 10 at 16th Street Baptist, Birmingham, Alabama 
Fewest:  2 at Shallowford Presbyterian, Atlanta, Georgia 
Average: 6

Service length
Longest: 1 hour 48 minutes at 16th Street Baptist, Birmingham , Alabama
Shortest: 42 minutes at Clairmont Presbyterian, Atlanta, Georgia
Average: 1 hour 13 minutes

Sermon length
Longest: 55 minutes, First Baptist of Indian Rocks, Largo, Florida
Shortest: 7 minutes, Saint John's United Methodist Church, Fort Mill, South Carolina
Average: 38 minutes

Our rough attendance count
Highest: 628, First Baptist Church of Indian Rocks, Largo, Florida (HD -- contemporary -- service)
Lowest: 40, First Baptist Church of Indian Rocks (traditional service)
Average: 183
Median: 87
5 worship services had more than 150 attendees, and 7 had fewer than 150 attendees. Only 3 worship services had fewer than 50 in attendance

Coffee and decaffeinated coffee: 6 churches (most also had decaf)
Pastries: 2 churches
Hot water for tea or hot chocolate:  3 churches
Cold water: 4 churches
Donut holes: 3 churches
Lemonade or juice: 4 churches
Other (French toast, sausage and biscuits, pigs in a blanket, mini croissants, scones, fruit): 2 churches

Distance from previous church
Longest: 595 miles (from Clairmont Presbyterian, to Saint John's United Methodist)
Shortest: 4 miles (from Clairmont Presbyterian, to Shallowford Presbyterian)
Average: 247 miles
Note: this isn't the actual distance we traveled between churches, since we generally made a lot of other stops along the way. Instead, it's the distance if we'd driven directly from one church to the next.

*I'm right about everybody liking statistics, right? Because I've got links for more! January and February. and 2016 statistics so far. Around the beginning of July, we'll have even more.