Saturday, March 5, 2016

Do you like statistics?

First Christian Church Las Vegas
January and February summary

We've reported on fourteen worship services so far. For one reason or another, we didn't write about a couple other services we attended, so their stats haven't been recorded (sorry!). Here's how the numbers break down. Have we forgotten anything?

rebuilding the sanctuary at Beth Sar Shalom
Number of songs (by congregation, choir, worship band, or soloist)
Most: 12 (Congregation Beth Sar Shalom, Tucson, AZ)
Fewest: 3 (SIL Mexico Branch -- kind of a cheat, because it wasn't technically a church, though the gathering was definitely a worship service, Tucson, AZ)
Average: 7

Linda and Mindy at SIL Mexico branch
Service length
Longest: 1 hour 54 minutes (Forerunner Christian Fellowship, Grandview, MO)
Shortest: 45 minutes (Day One worship service, First Presbyterian Church, Fort Smith, AR)
Average: 1 hour 13 minutes

ceiling at Redeemer
Sermon length
Longest: 50 minutes (Redeemer Fellowship, Kansas City, MO)
Shortest: 4 minutes (Elm Tree Baptist Church, Tahlequah, OK -- to be accurate, though, four visiting college students had already shared their experiences on a recent missions trip to Haiti; together, their reports lasted about half an hour)
Average: 26 minutes

littlest musician at Elm Tree
Our rough attendance count
Highest: 1,800 (Forerunner Christian Fellowship, Grandview, MO)
Lowest: 40 (Vieux Carre Baptist Church, New Orleans, LA)
Average: 234
Median: 100
7 worship services had more than 100 attendees, and seven had fewer than 100 attendees. Only three worship services had more than 150 in attendance

coffee and treats at Grace Community Church
Coffee: 10 churches (most also had decaf)
Pastries: 6 churches (cookies, muffins, brownies, cinnamon rolls, or random desserts)
Hot water for tea or hot chocolate: 5 churches
Cold water: 4 churches
Donuts: 3 churches
Lemonade or juice: 2 churches
Bagels (with cream cheese and salmon): 1 church
Hummus and pita chips: 1 church

before first service at Eldorado
Distance from previous church
Longest: 680 miles (from Eldorado Community Church, Santa Fe, NM, to Saint Catherine of Siena Catholic Church, Austin, TX)
Shortest: 2 miles (from First Christian Church, Las Vegas, NV, to the Las Vegas Rescue Mission, Las Vegas, NV)
Average: 268 miles
Note: this isn't the actual distance we traveled between churches, since we generally made other stops along the way. Instead, it's the distance if we'd driven directly from one church to the next.