Saturday, May 14, 2016

David's Tent in Washington, the District of Columbia

Not many people are happy these days when they think about Washington, D.C. The world of politics seems to have gotten a little uglier these days along with people's moods. Fortunately, politics is not all that's happening in Washington. This year on the National Mall something very different is happening.

On 9/11 of 2015 through Election Day of 2016 at a place called David's Tent, every day, twenty four hours a day, there is praise and worship of God. The idea for the tent came from David's tent (or tabernacle) set up to hold the Ark of the Covenant and as a place of worship of the Lord.

Jason Hershey, the founder of the project, says, "Our desire is to call attention to the beauty of Jesus, and to lead our generation in celebrating that Jesus is Lord. He should be enthroned above every area of our lives, even above the government of our great nation." There are three goals of the project; 1) To worship Christ, 2) To pray for the nation, 3) To tell people about the Good News of salvation found through Jesus Christ.

The project serves as a reminder that whoever is elected President this year, Jesus will still be King.