Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Church Told Hunger to Get Out of Dodge

friendship feast sign in Dodge city
Walking the streets of Dodge City we came across a sign for "Friendshp Feast".

Being fans of friends and food, we decided to check it out.

First Presbyterian Church in Dodge City
Apparently, in the year 2000, members of the First Presbyterian Church in Dodge City learned about a man living under a bridge in town. This led to a discussion of what could be done to help the homeless. Someone offered to pay a cook's salary for a week and the ministry of the Friendship Feast began.

pantry for Friendship Feast
Two years ago Friendship Feast became a nonprofit rather than a ministry of the church (though it is still housed at the church). We were offered lunch, but we felt funny about that. I'm glad that thousands of people each year do take advantage of the services provided.
Preparing lunch in Dodge City

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