Wednesday, February 3, 2016

6 church steeples in Oklahoma

 Oklahoma seemed to us to be the land of near-identical white steeples. For example:
Church of the Nazarene in Tahlequah Oklahoma
What a pretty white steeple

detail of Church of the Nazarene Tahlequah steeple
No cross, but pointing straight into the sky

matching steeples in Midwest City, Oklahoma
Look! We're twins!

a slightly different steeple near Oklahoma City
Near Oklahoma City

First Methodist Church of someplace
This one is a different style
Methodist Church steeple
Yup, different. Very proper and New England-y

First Baptist church Tahlequah
Maybe it's just the sun, but something seems wrong here

steeple of First Baptist Church Tahlequah
We heard the cross will be fixed soon

church off 35 north of Oklahoma City
And now for something completely different

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