Monday, February 8, 2016

6 things you'll be glad you know about Kansas

Welcome to Kansas
1.  The median income for the state ranks 25th  -- smack dab in the middle -- for US states at $50,177. The state is equidistant from the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and the geographic center of the 48 contiguous states is in Kansas as well.

railroad to the distance
2. Kansas, most of which became US territory by the means of the Louisiana Purchase,  has more than 6,000 ghost towns and dwindling communities. Kansas entered the United States in 1861 as a free state.

to the stars through difficulties
3. The state's motto is Ad astra per aspera -- to the stars through difficulties.

4. The highest point of the state is Mount Sunflower, near the western border. It's 4,039 feet above sea level.

Dodge City sign
5. Over the course of one year, (don't know what year it was; do you?) 8 million cattle from Texas boarded trains in Dodge City heading east.

6. In 1881, Kansas became the first US state to adopt a constitutional amendment prohibiting alcohol. This amendment wasn't repealed until 1948.