Monday, May 18, 2015

Four Things I Didn't Know about Fulton and One I Did Know

1.  Fulton was founded by Thomas and James Fulton in 1871, when a post office was established. According to the US Census Bureau, it covers an area of 1.9 square miles of land. 

2.  In 2010, the community had a population of 541, making it the smallest community we've visited yet. About half the population of Fulton identified themselves as Hispanic or Latino of any race or as "from other races" than white, African American, Native American, Asian, or Pacific Islander. The age of members of the community is fairly evenly spread out, except that only 12% are over 65. Just over half the population lived in housing they owned, and almost 42% lived in rented housing. A day labor center and the Filipino American Center are both located in the center of Fulton, along with the post office.

3.  A Fulton  building that began as a fruit and vegetable packing plant in the 1800s and later housed a winery, a turkey slaughterhouse, farmer's market, and chicken slaughterhouse now houses a cabinet maker, studios and an art gallery. The Foundry, also housed in the building, isn't a church.

4. We already knew about several local businesses because...well, we used to live in Fulton. Dean grew up here (want to know where the little market used to be? He can tell you), and we lived here for almost a year after seminary. I've helped with various events at the Kendall-Jackson Wine Center, and one of our daughters got her native plants for a 4-H project at Cal-Flora Nursery. Hector's Honey, which we've known for years from the Healdsburg Farmer's Market, is on the corner of Raplee Terrace -- across the street from the house where Dean's parents lived for more than 30 years.
5. Mike's Truck Garden farm stand is open for the summer!

-- Mindy