Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Colorado Church Quiz

1. We could see nine of these churches from the road. Which one required a security check to look closer?

2. One church is fictional. Where do you think we found it?

3. We got to go inside the largest of the churches we saw from the road. Why do you think people there make jokes about it meeting in the "Wal-bertson building?"

4. Which churches aren't in use as a church anymore?

5. Only one church was ringing chimes when we walked past. Which?

Abandoned white church, Matheson, Colorado
1. Old White Church, Matheson

Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel, Colorado Springs, Colorado
2. Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel, Colorado Springs

Saint Peter's Catholic Church, Monument, Colorado
3. Saint Peter's Catholic Church, Monument

Odyssey Community Church, Focus on the Family Headquarters, Colorado Springs
4. Odyssey Community Church, Colorado Springs

Matheson Community Bible Church, Matheson, Colorado
5. Matheson Community Bible Church, Matheson

Flatirons Community Church, Lafayette, Colorado
6a. Flatirons Community Church, Lafayette

6b. Inside the worship space
Flatirons Community Church, Lafayette

All Souls Episcopal Church, Broomfield, Colorado
7. All Souls Episcopal Church, Broomfield

Old Town Museum church, Burlington, Colorado
8. Old Town Museum Church, Burlington

Grace Chapel, Englewood, Colorado
9. Grace Chapel, Englewood

Rifle Christian Church, Rifle, Colorado
10. Rifle Christian Church, Rifle