Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Massachusetts churches -- not just in Boston

Trinity Episcopal Church, Boston, MA
Trinity Church, Boston
Massachusetts, not surprisingly for a place that was founded by people who thought a lot about matters of religion and faith, has a lot of churches. Some of these churches have amazing history going back to colonial times; others began in the nineteenth or twentieth centuries. We found them interesting.

Park Street Church, Boston
Park Street Church, Boston

Park Street Church as seen from the Commons

St Mary - St Catherine of Siena, Boston
St Mary - St Catherine of Siena, Boston

St Stephen's Roman Catholic Church, Boston
St Stephen, Boston

We did go to Plymouth, though we didn't happen by any churches.

These churches in the neighborhood of Central Park in Clinton were particularly impressive. First Baptist and First Congregational seem to have more than one congregation meeting in each of their buildings.
First Baptist Church, Clinton, MA
First Baptist Church, Clinton
First Congregational Church, Clinton, MA
First Congregational Church, Clinton
Seventh Day Adventist Church, Clinton, MA
Spanish-language Seventh Day Adventist Church in Clinton

And one final church from Boston, for several reasons. Old North Church has history (remember Paul Revere and one if by land, two if by sea?), it's beautiful from the outside, and it's beautiful from the inside. Plus it was a welcome cool spot on a very warm summer day.
Old North Church, Boston
Old North Church steeple from the park

Can you see the lanterns in the steeple?

What did we miss?