Monday, December 21, 2015

"But how can you afford to do this?"

Over the past few months, when we've told people about what we'd like to do during 2016, we've been asked some version of "Are you crowdfunding?"  We gave involved answers at first, referring to Bible passages where Jesus sent his disciples on journeys with only the clothes on their backs. We want to be that trusting in God's loving provision as we follow this adventure, so we don't have an GoFundMe site, or an Indiegogo page, or even Kickstarter. However, there are other passages where Jesus tells his followers to consider what they're doing before they start to make sure they have what's needed to finish. We want to be that wise, too.

So, we've got three different crowdsourcing campaigns going. The first covers our immediate needs, and involves folks in our geographical area only -- and no money at all. The second is monetary, and anybody who wants to help can. The fourth is the most important. The third might involve the least effort. Two (possibly three) have incentives!
1. If you live near Santa Rosa and have a few free feet of storage space, we'd appreciate being able to store a box of books or photos. Incentive: we will pray for you every day during 2016 (and we really want you to keep us informed of your needs so we can pray intelligently).

2. If you'd like to help us financially, we're set up as "creators" on Patreon, which is a little different. People who donate are called "patrons" because they're supporting artists (and writers and film makers and whatnot). Some creators are set up for support by the creation; we're asking for monthly donations, since we'll be posting at least five times a week on the three blogs we'll be writing this year. We're asking for this kind of support because while we have savings to cover most of our day-to-day expenses, we know there will be car repairs, insurance needs, and unexpected costs during the year. This way, anybody who'd like to help financially can do it easily and securely, either one time or on a monthly basis. Incentive: there are several based on donation amounts.

3. We're still figuring out our destination in a few states. If you're involved in a church and could let us sleep on your floor for a few nights, we'd love to hear from you! Please get in touch in the comments or by email at DeanandMindygotochurch <at> gmail <dot> com 

4. All good missionary letters ask for prayer, and we're no different. We couldn't do this trip on our own. The kind words of friends (and strangers!) have helped prepare us for the year to come, but unless God is with us, there's no point in our going. Please pray that we will follow only where He leads and that He will supply our needs.

So the answer to the crowdfunding question is yes, we have a crowdfunding campaign in place, but it's not the only way you can join us on the ride. Thanks for asking!

-- Mindy

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