Monday, October 19, 2015

Pop quiz: Counties*

*with answer key!

Yesterday, as we were driving across three counties to go to church, Dean wondered how many of California's 58 counties we'd worshiped this year. So here's a quiz!

Feel free to cheat; this page names all the counties, and this page lists where we've visited. Or just pick answers at random. Anyway, all the answers are at the bottom of the post. Here's your chance to relive fourth grade state history class, without the need to build a model of a California Mission.

1. Which county have we visited most?
a. Santa Cruz
b. San Benito
c. Shasta
d. Sonoma

2. Which county has the church requiring the longest drive from home in Santa Rosa?
a. Sonoma
b. San Benito
c. San Bernardino
d. Alameda

3. By population, which is the biggest county we've visited?
a. Amador
b. San Benito
c. San Bernardino
d. Los Angeles

4. By area, which is the smallest county we've visited? (bonus: compare it to something small)
a. San Francisco
b. San Benito
c. Butte
d. Sonoma

5. Which county that we've worshiped in this year ISN'T a county we've lived in?
a. Santa Clara
b. San Benito
c. Sonoma
d. Mono

6. Of California's 58 counties, how many have we visited this year?
a. 5
b. 23
c. 14
d. 42

7. Which county have we not visited at all?
a. Contra Costa
b. San Benito
c. Sonoma
d. San Mateo

8. Which county did we visit October 18?
a. Lake
b. San Benito
c. San Joaquin
d. Sonoma

9. What county do we expect to visit next?
a. Calaveras
b. San Benito
c. Shasta
d. Santa Barbara

10. How many counties do we hope to have worshiped in by the end of the year?
a. 58
b. 25
c. 42
d. 50

Bonus: What's the strangest of all California county names and why?

Answer key:
1. d
2. c
3. d
4. a
5. a
6. b
7. b
8. a
9. c
10. b
-- Mindy

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