Saturday, October 31, 2015

Dean and Mindy go to Movie Churches!

Movie Churches Return 
Shortly after we began this blog about a year ago, we began a weekly feature about movies in churches. But we soon decided that the reviews of churches should probably be a blog unto itself, and we began

This month we've decided to have a blog crossover event. Our Sunday churches will all have facilities that have been featured in movies. Before we go to the church, we'll write about the movie at Movie Churches. Then we'll go to the real church to see what it's really like. Our first church was featured in the film, "Sister Act," and I will be extremely disappointed if the church doesn't have a choir that singsadapted sixties pop songs as praise anthems -- just as I expect the church featured in "High Noon" to have horses tied up in front, and when we go the church featured in "The Graduate," I expect the service to be interrupted by a cross-wielding Dustin Hoffman.

I am preparing for the possibility the churches we visit will be nothing at all like the churches featured in the films. We might find God is doing something even better.

(Find the review of the Movie Church in the film "Sister Act" here
-- Dean

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