Monday, September 21, 2015

Four Things I Remember about Concord

1. We loved living in Kenwal Apartments. The patios had short little fences that all faced the pool so people would come by and chat; at least half of the apartments were families with kids; the manager and her husband had grown up in the next town over from where I went to college; and when I looked out the windows at the palm trees by the pool or up at Mt Diablo covered with snow, I felt like I was on vacation.
2. The Solano Drive In was a great place to watch movies with youth group kids (I remember sitting in the bed of a pickup truck to watch "Speed" with a bunch of youth group kids when I was about seven months pregnant. Not exactly comfortable at the time, but such a happy memory) and with our own kids. I even sold homemade foam lizards at the flea market one time.

3. I remember feeling sad and a little desperate a lot of the time due to lack of space, lack of sleep, and lack of money. I also remember mostly happy experiences with church and community friends. Kindness is a very important memory of Concord. I don't know if we've had as much support from any other church.

4. We lived about a mile from church, and the easiest way for me to walk there with Bret and Paige (who were babies or preschoolers) was through what I called the wasteland...a dirt path along one side of a creek (which I don't remember ever noticing). It was always dusty, never really a pretty place to walk, but walking through took just enough time to tell a story about Moses with God's people in the wilderness. When I looked at the wilderness this week, it's quite a pretty place.

-- Mindy

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