Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Mindy Goes to a Wedding

The Woodard Wedding at Farm Kitchen, Poulsbo, Washington
Last year, we thought it would be good if, in addition to going to a church in every state, we could attend a wedding and a funeral., since those two events frequently take place in a church.

When my mom died rather unexpectedly, we returned to Indiana for her memorial service, and Dean wrote about it. But we weren’t able to attend any weddings (though at least two of our hosts got married after we visited), so we couldn’t write about them.

This year, we were invited to our nephew’s wedding near Seattle. As it happened, the wedding didn’t take place in a church, but it was decidedly a Christian worship service. There were prayers, a sermon, worship songs, and the bride and groom shared communion. I think it’s fair to think of this particular wedding celebration as a worship service of the Church even if it wasn’t technically in a church.

In lieu of the usual statistics (since taking notes at the wedding might have been a bit tacky), here’s a dozen or so things that seem to be true about weddings and church services:

1. There will probably be some way to show you were there
2. Snacks are appreciated. Coffee is especially appreciated
3. Somebody is really glad you're there
4. There will probably be a prayer. Possibly lots of prayers
5. It's likely that not everybody will take communion
6. Somebody should make you feel welcome
7. Children add to the fun
8. Dancing may or may not be encouraged
9. There will probably be flowers. Possibly lots of flowers
10. You're likely to sit with people you know
11. There will probably be music. Possibly lots of music
12. Somebody will preach a sermon
13. And sometimes, there are games