Monday, December 26, 2016

6 More Observations about California

flagpole in Dorris, CA is the tallest west of the Mississippi
After visiting churches in all 50 states this year, we're back in California, where we've lived most of our lives. In 2015, we visited churches all over the Golden State, and these were some of our observations at the time, along with a few  

1. Dorris, which has the furthest north church we could find in California, also boasts the highest flagpole west of the Mississippi. 

2. El Ranchito, also in Dorris, might be the homiest Mexican restaurant we've ever visited. 

3. In Needles, near the eastern edge of California, you can eat at The Wagon Wheel. It's on Route 66!

4. We appreciated the opportunity to drive through a tree (and to shop at the gift shop) in northern California.

5. A church near Sacramento has a giant (man-made) oak tree in the lobby. It's very cool.

6. You really need to spend some time under the redwoods and at the Pacific coast.
project completed: a bar and a church in all 50 states in 2016

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