Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Just one church in the hills of North Carolina

St John's Cartoogechaye Franklin NC
It's not unusual for people to recommend we visit a church, and even if we can't make it there on Sunday, we do try to take a look. On our first morning in Franklin, NC, our new friend Patsy said we needed to see an Episcopal church outside town. So while we were doing various errands, we decided to take a little drive into the hills.

St John's Cartoogechaye
By the way, spring in the Appalachians is incredibly pretty.

After we'd spent a few minutes taking pictures (and Mindy walked the labyrinth), the rector and his wife came out of the office to see if we needed anything. Dean chatted with them and learned some of the story of St John's Cartoogechaye Episcopal Church. Among other things, some of the land had been given to a Cherokee, Chuttasohtee, so that he and his family wouldn't have to leave and live on a reservation. He (and his wife, who died the day after he did) are buried in the church graveyard, along with several former pastors and members of the congregation for the past 150 years or more.

In the summer, the church generally meets in their outdoor sanctuary. Once a deer walked through, and the cattle across the way occasionally make the sermon inaudible. We're sorry we won't be able to join them.

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