Monday, November 23, 2015

7 Things I Didn't Know about Schools in La Verne

1. Bonita High School, located on D Street across from La Verne United Methodist Church, is the original high school in the Bonita Unified School District. The other is San Dimas High School.

2. Bonita has been recognized as a California Distinguished School for its excellence in Academics, Athletics, and the Arts.

3. Among the distinguished graduates of Bonita High School are Jason David Frank, who is best known for playing Tommy Oliver in Power Rangers; and Erin Gruwell, who is the high school teacher featured in the movie Freedom Writers.

4. University of La Verne, founded as Lordsburg College in 1891, was founded by members of the Church of the Brethren, though it's now non-sectarian.

5. The University now holds undergraduate and graduate classes on several campuses around Southern California.

6. The total enrollment of the University this year is over 8,500, with most on the main campus in LaVerne. Most classes have no more than 19 students.

7. In addition to the public schools, La Verne also has a Lutheran high school, a Catholic boy's high school and a Baptist school.
-- Mindy