Monday, August 24, 2015

Two Things I Didn't Know about Brotherhood Way*

1. The area was created when surplus city land on the south side of what was then Stanley Way was sold to various religious institutions and renamed in honor of the religious mix. It has its own neighborhood association (and they're not very happy about the new home development across the street).

2. The "Peace" statue, a metal sculpture by Beniamino Bufano, was at the entry to San Francisco International Airport for almost 40 years.  

*plus three bonus facts about the Evangelical Armenian Church!

I. The Evangelical Armenian Union of North America is an association of Protestant churches intentionally ministering primarily to people who identify as Armenian by culture and language. The various evangelical Armenian churches in Canada and the United States banded together to form the Armenian Evangelical Union of North America in 1971.

II. Individual congregations may also belong to denominations including United Church of Christ, Assemblies of God, United Presbyterian Church (USA), or Church of the Nazarene.

III. The group originated in 1846 when a group of 37 men and one woman in Istanbul were excommunicated for their desire to reform the existing Armenian Apostolic Church. As a result, the new church was formed. Due to wars and persecution, many Armenians migrated to the United States and in the 1880s, the first Armenian Evangelical Church in this country was formed in Worcester, Massachusetts. When it was formally organized, in 1892, it was called the Church of the Martyrs. 

-- Mindy