Monday, July 6, 2015

Five Things I Didn't Know about Rio Lindo Adventist Academy

1. The campus, which has two dormitories, several academic buildings, two computer labs, and an industrial arts complex, is surrounded by 350 acres of natural land.

2. Raccoons, herons, foxes, squirrels, coyotes, and other animals roam the campus.

3. Among the school's goals are rigorous academic study, healthy physical development in an invigorating natural environment, spiritual growth with an emphasis on unselfish service to others, and positive social relationships among both students and staff.

4. The school opened on Sunday, September 2, 1962.

5. Calvary Chapel Healdsburg worships in the school's chapel most of the year, but during the month of July, meets outdoors instead. The classrooms for children and restrooms inside are still available, as is the chapel itself should the weather prohibit outdoor worship, but "Beach Chair Sundays" have become a staple for the church.

-- Mindy